Creativity and Knowledge Economy

This course was divided into two main sections with different professors, the objective is to understand the importance of studying knowledge economy, and what is the Knowledge Economy analysis by understanding the Consequences of World Changes on the Economic and social life, besides Analyzing the impacts of Knowledge Economy on the evolution of economic growth and the development of each country. The combination between the two courses: economic axis and culture axis from different perspectives education, culture, and innovation will develop many skills by learning about:

  • What are the consequences of the main changes of the world economy
  • Knowledge Economy as a new way of thinking and a new way of acting
  • The mechanism of C.D.L.: Cognitive Division of Labor
  • he different kinds of innovation
  • The different kinds of learning
  • The different kinds of acting in relation with thinking
  • The useful tools: networks, strategic way of acting, economic leadership …

Chapter 1: Creativity: Isabelle MENARD

  • Education and culture
  • The conception of “time” in several societies

Chapter 2: Knowledge Economy: Camille BAULANT

  • Globalisation, Knowledge Economy and Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge Economy and the multicultural management
  • How thinking and acting in the Knowledge Economy

Chapter 3: A new kind of economic growth: Isabelle MENARD

  • The concept of “Inclusive growth”
  • “Frugal innovation” and the environment

Chapter 4: A new kind of strategies for actors, firms and countries: Madame Camille BAULANT

  • The “Competitive advantage” diamond and the efficiency of individuals, firms and countries
  • The process of “Permanent learning and sharing” and new kinds of leadership

Key words:

Information, savoir, knowledge, competency, “Learning by sharing”, “Learning by confronting”,

Research, Innovation, learning, patents, marks, right of intellectual property codification process, Personal process, Productive consumption Internal scale economies, External scale economies

Virtuous circle, Vicious circle, Radical uncertainty, Radical innovation, incremental innovation

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